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a maa dies innpolice ccs. custody.(ms..harvey/sister) "tony suffered on that lott p the disturbing esults of the mediial examiner's investig. investigation. an animal rescuer. rescuer.(10:21) ive been taking care f animals since i &pcoold walk..... waak...... the amazing &pvariety of creatures taken from his home and why. &pwhy.rain finally moving out overnight. hhw high and the changes forrlaterrin the week in my skkyatch forecas. ffrecast.and taking a different perspective oo the the immorrance of body language. hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'' gilbert. the death of an east baltimoreeman who died in poliie custody is now ruled a anthony anderson's autopsy d report today....
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tonnght, his family calls it another case of police bruttlity thaa ends with someone dead. eith daniils, live aa poliie headquarters with the latest development in the investigation.. keith. keith. jefff... it's a 5-page rrport...... that perhaps adds new controversy to a case with conflicting tories between what police say happpned.. and bbt tooight.. one thing - homicide. anthony anderson died after a coofrontation with baltimore city police september 21....... and now, just over a peek later, tte chief medical examiner has ruled anderson's death.. a homicide. family members and their attorney, say the autopsy report simply confirms what (áááánats up full: "that means that mr. anderson was murdered by these officers...."ááá) according to the autopsy report.. anderson died he suffered from broken ribs a ruptured spleen. theee wassalso a head injury.. a
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hemorrage to his left temppral. trauua, suggeeting he may have been kicked or slammed to the ground.(ms. harvee/sister) "tony suffered on that lot. he waa handcuffed and suffering nd he died. we wann the officers fired. we want them arressed and we want them ccovicted." initially, police say they caught anderson in a drug deal and that he choked on drugs. but thh autopss report witnesses, iicluding officcrs beat the 46-year-old man to death as he walked from vacant lot at east biddle street and montford avenuu. ttey say plainclothes officers rolled up in a car.. then an officer jumped out, grabbed anderson from behind..then sslmmed hii to including his 2-year--ld &ppranddaughter stood by.(mr. gordon/atty) ""and there was no ounce of shame or contriiion innthe eyes, thoughts, minds or hearts of thess officersswho engaged in
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thii savage attack." ..............a confrontation wiit pollce, now ruled a homicide.(ms. harvey) "we don't have aappoblem with the paltimorr city police department. we have a problem with officers that thake their job.. think they aboveethe law." thh joint investigation pttorney's offiie and police pontinuus tonight. tten ultimatell, prooecuttrs will peeide whether chhrges ill be filed. meanwhile, the officers involved haveebeen placed n addinistrative continues. live at city pollce eadquarters, keith daaiels, fox 45 news at ten. a... devellping story... out... of... nootheast baltimore... police.... - are searrhing... the campus.... of... morgan state univeristy... right now....///a... prisonee... escaped from nearry... northeast e.. district... police sttaion....///afttr he escaped he may ... have been spotted... near the... murphy... fine rts center...//.no... word... n why... the person was arrested....//anyone... with information.../
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call police a baltimore police officer has morning in owings mills. it happennd at 8 ttis morning - oo interstate 795......and the very rainy weather conditions as well. the officerrwas on when he lost conttol of his se - not been released. the weather may haveeplayed a role in this accident on frederick avenue.look at the damagg to this car.police say &pthe vehicle collided with tha utility pole...and you can see the top has beee cut off... when rescuers got to the scene... they decided that was tte only way to get the driver ouu of the carthe victim wws taken tt shock trauma. two... men... are.... arrested ffllowiig... 3... kidnappings... at gunpoint... 255h.../. police... say.... all... 3... are... related. two women ... were abducted... mondayy../, one... in... the city.../ the... at... ingle--side... and... edmoodson avenues...///. those... ccsss ...led police... to review another case.. p4:4:06 during our
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investigation we were ble to connecc ne suspect from &pyesterday's assualt to an assault on septembee at the :12 wittin the last hour... police identtfieddthe suspectssas kenyon waller and williim campell... both of baltimore tooay marks ten years siice the sniier attacks that terrorized dc, maryland aad vir. virginia.for weeks people lived in fear. in all... 10 people were killed.lee boyy malvo and john allennmuhammad were linked to 27 shootings.a decade later, there areestill families out there...whose loved ones may have been killed by the dc snipers...but innestigators just aren't sure. janiie park is live innnorth ba. baltimore...where ne of the dc spotted janice??ennifer,we are live here at the dunkin donuts in me...a witness caught johh allen was us whh wereeliving in the area at the time...where people
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were scared toodo everything things like walk in a gas station liie this ooe.tonight you wwll hear from a man...who snipers.esn't know whhther his 3 full of joy... and a love - story.valentines' day...and birthdays...irina 26 &pwas n intern at the 2002, sheehad only been in d-c for 5 weeks: weeks:"in ten days it will be ten years...."jaaon hans, nno to uu in a skype inttrview.he - waa irina's husband: husbaad:"the feelings are still here, i love her as hhe" octtber 12th....rina was a pfter seeing a show at the &pkennedy center.she fell to th ground after being shot once in the thh time, 100
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local and federal police swarmed the area...wonderingg if she was the latest victim of the d-c sniperss..but till this's still been able o innerview ee alv: the snipers it connects with me, whether hey were involved or not"10 yearsslater...hans says he no longer ddells oo whookilled irina...and while the questions does &pthe love: love:"what i lose sseep over irina, losing her future, persue her dreams, to have llfe" each yearr,jason mom's call the deeective hhndling the case in prince georges county, new to report.liveein north baltimore,,janice pprk fox45 news at ten.
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a baltimore city fire truck company scheduled to close phis month...will staa open. open.this is videooof truck 10... in itssssation... waiting for work.the company was going to close for good... grand prixxis comiin to the rescuethe mayors office ssys the ciiy reveiied more than a million dollars in taxes and grand prix cost 300 thhuuand doolars less thhn xpected. p3 there... could... be... in... tte... athletic program... aa... towson task force... recommends... the school... eliminate... two... major sports programs.../// abell ... live... on campus .../ with reaction, jeff.... jeff.... for many athletes, the news &pcame right oottof left field. baseball and soccer eams thhir fiial play. 3 a task orce which has been studying ways to strengghen the athlettc program here iss recommending that the sccool eliminate both its men's baseball and soccer programs. the mmve would save the
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school about 800-thousand yyars. but its a real blow to athlltes who got the afternoon.meeting this - 3 (11:53::0) "i mean, it was silent.. nobody knew hat to think. its almost like you got hit from bbhind ann you didn't even see it coming." (11:59:04) "we gaae our life to come here and play for place and they throw it awayy as iff eemean noohing. i gave up my family, my friendd, my girlfrrend, just to comm here and chase my dream and play soccer."(11:59:58) "when e were getting recruitte here we ereegetting recruited to towson university and ade a committent to this school aad this school didn't make a commitment o us." (11:50:09) "its going to be tough wearing that logo this spring when yyu know they're not innsupport of you." these recommendations are not final.... the school plans a public hearing later this monnh.... and the president will have the final say. iveein towson, jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten. &pit's been a thrilling year to
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be an orioles fan...and tonight's games... just added to the tension... tension...thaas... because... the chase... for the... ameeican league... east... title../.could... come just... 1 game..../ pports... director ...bruce cunninghhm... p jjins us... with more... bruce? the oriolee will head intoo pomorrow's final day oofthe regular season still mathematicaly alivein the race for the american leagge east....onight, they took an epic victory over tampa bay the ray's james shields struck &phere and big chris davismakes him pay... a massiveeshot to dded wound up going 440 feet...his 6tt straight game with a ome run.. the 33rd on thh season and that was all the orioles needed afttr a great start from miguel onzales..and they winn1-0.... ttis is where it stands as of right now...thh yankkes are tied with the red sox in the 9th, so, at least temporarilyy
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they aintain a half game lead over the o' the wildcard, the a's and teeas orioles have a temporary half-game lead in that rce.. and that'sswhere it stands, up &prrces...coming up at 10:50 onn orioles ... playoff tickets... aren't the áonlyá items.... buying.paul gessler reports local printers are making more &pp's tte shiits than they have chuck bahn: "matt weiters, -c columbia printing shoppchuck (con'tt: "manny machado,,mark reynolds.."oriolee aren't on the payroll.chuck laaghing but, they're booming business wwth very crack of the bat. great club nnw. and, i think talent."(nats: shirts being - made)kevinnnape: ""his particular shirt here is "'orange fever 2012. atch it.' "oh, people have caught it alright.sam andelman, nightmareegraphics:"if you''e an oriole fan, it's the best color in town right now."sam andelman has.he's the president of nightmare
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graphics.tee- shirt orderss have blown up since last year. sam andelman, nighhmare graphics:"uh, an we talk 1000s of percent?"chuck bbhn: doing well. peopleeare on the bandwagon. they waanaawear the shirts."kevin nape: "been aa long time coming withoot a reallyyexcited bout it." - therees still oom on the playoff series, sammforsees round- thee clock shifts.sam andelman, nighttare graphics: "the retailers don't necessarily want to peculate. they waat to be able to sell shirts that are definitely gonnaasell."even o's fanatic chuck bahn is surprrsed by the all of thhenew fans when he of - pulls shirts off the line. chucc bahn: "just thinkiig about the person that's gonna be wearing this, walking around, going to the game with it on. so, it's kinda an honor, ctually."annorange october means green aaross the arra.chuck bahn: "we're just makiig more shirts."in columbia,chuck (con't): "there (laughter)paul gessler, foo45 news at ten. nightmare graphicc is what
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you'd call a 'hot prinner'. &pprinter'.that meann... if... the orioles... win the league or... if... they win... the world series.../ &p they... will make shirtt... thru... the night,.../ so... you ...can buy them... at... 3 ácostlyá prescription do...... to save money can at ten....later on fox45 news - (pilot:) i've got an unusual one for you. you. also ahead...theereason wwy passenger seats... may have come loose... while a plane was in flight... krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. dozens of animals..... seized from a pasadena home.... in what officials are calling deplorable conditions... conditions.... karen parrs...
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is streaming live... live... at... anne arundel... aniiaa ontrol.../ wheree.. most... of the animals... re now... being . kept.... this is mikey one of inside a home in mals kept paaadena.......officials say....although ttere were no permits.....they attempted to work with the owner by providing suggestions of say were not the aaimals had to be ssys.....they haae the wrong were taken care of......and would have been put up for ready....once they were ready... (5:24)i've wwrked with animals my entire 21......shane taylor.....says his calling is cleaa.....(5:39) i've worked at the patuxent the national aquarium in animal controll....taylor kept more than 40 animaas.....including two exotic birds.....snakes.....and (7:32)he is 100 percent potty trained e lived in the house while he was here.....but control officers.....gave taylor a clean &pup......or we will.....(43:39) they were subpar conditions not even there basic needs were bbing on september 277......aal the animals were seized...... (13:22)closets ripped apart dresser drawers pulled out dumped everything thrown everywhere....officials
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say..........most offthe animals were without food or water......and several quail taylor says......the dead - qqail were used assfood...... &p(9:24)im not the one that did offers refuge foo most of the animaas.....(10:21)iveebeen takknggcare of animals sincc i could oneeelse wants....(9:33)soonnas they are ready for adoption i find them a home that takes up one less space that can help one more animal....some of the animmls.....a og....the snakes and birds...... he ssys were his.....(10:51)my dog like my perssnal pptssare suffering from this they are stressed over this shen they didn't do anything....stress hh says.......he too feell..... (9:59)its all een outtof the kindnnss of my heart i trull have been oing this just beeause.. official would not specify charges.....buu did
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this......shaae taylor aae &psays......he stands to lose his house thissfriday..... 3&ravens center... matt birk... weighs in on the same sex marriage debate. debate.birk innvideo: 3.14 "i encourage all of you to vote november 66h."arriage 6th."in this videoofrom the minnesota atholic conference, birk urges resiients to ban minnesooa.he's the seconn raven to takeea stand publicly on tte issue.last month, brendon aaaabadajo spoke in ásupportá of same-sex marriage in maryland.baltimore county state delegate mmitt burns fans what they think about m 3 athhetes speaking out on fan1: "yeah, they're here to play football, but they can express their opinions just like anybody else."fan2: "if mayye you should keep your has juss as much a right as anyone else to speak what he actually feels." feels."birk says....he
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that hh was going to release ay the videoaaainst gay marriage. birk says his won't be the last time he speaksspublicly on the issue. that brings us to our question of the think its appropriate for sports fiiures to speak out nn political issues? here'' a look at our facebook page... a lot of you are talking about this...many of you saa they have a right to express their else...join the discussion y going to faceeook dot com slash fox-baltimore a... baltimore county ...firefighter... iivestigation... involving... crime and justice... reporter... joy lepola... reports...../ on... how... he may have used... his . potential victims. look live ecorded in studio baltimorr countt detectives chiidren out there who may have been sexually aasaulted by nthony cottle.that's because up until a few weeks ago he headed up the junnor landsdowne volunteer fire e -& department. the childrrn he
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dealt with were between the ages of 9 and 15 years oldsot 14:46:29 cottle foond alone at ome and he was boy occasioos the victim said he witnessed a freind of is 4 yearrolds being sexually abus tag from studeioit was duringg the spring of last year when cottleelived just down the street from the volunteer fire department. police say it was puringgthat time the teens say they were sexually assaulted. joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. besides... bothh departments ...suspendinn junior firefighter's prooram... has bben disbanded. it... was... a... morning...//ttkeea look at this can see the muddy water... ushing down theehill......and flooding the faa end of the rrad 3 and when it comes to news in your neighbbrhood...
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see it.. shoot it.. send it. and videoo tt our website. o to foxbaltimore dot com and it, send it iion. you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to "pics aa foxbaltimore dot com." 33 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 later on fox45 news t tena problem with some seats on 2 aiiplanes... but next...phones... &pccty hall.wwat a new report.. reveals about posssble cover story...after the break -3
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oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and pumpkin. oh. pumpkin. ha ha! you've never tasted pumpkin like this. try new pumpkin white chocolate or pumpkin mocha coffees and lattes today. a closer look toonghttatt about the city of baltimore - and its efforts to build a new phone system.. 3the ... inspeccor general... analyzed... milllon ollars... in found evidence... f... potential government waste... and secrecy. in tooight's cover story - melinna roeder - investigates the questions raised about how the cityyspends your tax dollars. 3 15:05:05 ryan) "didn't happen, didn't happen, never happened... neeer happened!" back in may when we asked about questiinable spendinn on a city phone system in may.... the mayor's spokesman adamantly denied anything
10:26 pm
happeeed. but this 31-page city report... reveals several instances of poor managementa& ncllding possible waate.. (compttoller) 03:23:00 " the taxpayerrs should be outraged and in an uproor that this type of activity is taking place today before this board." city comptroller joan pratt accused the mayor of secretly buying pricey ppone equipment... even as her office was putting out bids for an overhaul of the city's phone syssem the mayor's office denied it did anyyhing wrong. the mayor herself - didn't reaaly wanna talk about it. (mayor) "you are obsessed with this" the accusations led to an investigation by the city's inspectto general's office. although the inspeccor general had the right to purchase new phones and equipment under an exxsting blanket conttactt the inspector general also found the ity didn't seek competitive bids from other companiesawhich might have resulted in savinnssof taxpayer dollars. (old sound &pwith pratt- used friday) "we're wasttng money anddi think it's a clear abuse of the procurement process." that caught thh i-g's attention. hii repoot also found the relationship between cootractoos and the city to be
10:27 pm
to involve a potential pconflicc of iiterest." contractors froo a company called digicon worked for the mayorrs office of pqotes to purchase tinn &peven though the i-g said it & &psignificant concerns with the level of involvement digicon had in making deccsiins that benefited itself. . in fact, theei-g also uncovered correspondence rom a digicon uucootractor working for the city trying to "dissuade" thh city ffom getting addittonaa quotes for computer switches and video phones. and when city council presideet jack young asked bout the programa emails to him from city hall denied there even wws a telephone piiot project. found all this leddto potentiaa dollars wasted on duppicate effortsa& offices - for the same purpose. the mayor sayssthe investtgation has prompped some changes... (bite from revamped the mayyr's offiie of information technology from -t have new people on board. "
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awarded...the former head oo the mayoo's i-t office has resigned under a cloud f previous empllyer, state of new york then, the chief of staff of the i-t office also left shortly after fox 45 unnoveredda descrepancyy in his ethics form the descrepancy??? - failing to report that he had previously done work for digicoo. jolivet::07:57:033 "digicon employees i wasstold, makeeup fifty percent offall division." aanoll jolivet ii a who's suung the city because he says the conttacting system is brokkn.....jolivet: 07:58:08 it's dumb. t doesn't make sense.".... still, the mayor says she's her office will adddess the i-g's concerns maaor: (bite from friday - 05:20:57) "we''e working with the comptroller's office to move the city forward." a confidence not shaaed by crrtics - ike jolivet....who believes paxpayers are the big looers in this matter. jolivet: 07:54:14 "we don't know what phe pricee the real price, of &pthis work was. we just don't
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know. we'll never know. but taxpayers picked up this cost."" to... digicon.../ us... they... they did say that conttactor who was let go did not have plose ies o he company. meantime... the inspectoo general... told us today.../ his... investigation into he mayor's office.... ii oogoing. &pp join... our wast watch. if... you see government wastt.. call... our hotline.. 410-662-1456. or... o to fox- baltimore dot com. 3 a frightening situation...the problem with some seats on 2 aiiplanes...lattr on fox45 news aa ten (professor wide)"were trying to look at the whole picture" picture" 3 but nextt..the things the residential candidatt will &psaa aa tomorrows debate... without using any words...the things you might be ableett
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nottce tomorrow...after the break aú aú3
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big news out f pennsylvania. pennsylvanii.a judge there haa temporarily halted the state's new voter i-d was ooe of tte strictest in the countryy.epublican supporters saiddit woold stop voter fraud. democratic opponents said it their votees... away on expected to be appealed. hhre in maryland...a review shows that some people havee registered to vote......using the names of deed people.still others... have registered to vote twice... in 2 different states. (kelleher) "and for every time gets cast, it's erasing my - vote which is a legitimate vote" vote."state elections officials...say there is no evidence of any fraud.and thee say...if such allegations do information is forwarded to theestate prooecutors office. recent polls... show... theerace... between... presiient barack obama.../ and... reppbllcan nomineee.. mitt romney.../ is... getting closer... / right... before the debate debatethe...
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a... 3 and a half point... - difference... between the two men...///.the most recent poll... in the average../. ...shows them... átiedá the two candidates have stepped off the campaign trail so they can prepare for the wwnder if either man will say something that will be a game changer in the polls.romney is in colorado alleady....he took debate stand in for the if he seizes on the economy, - it could be a game changer. on the president, his governor 3 up."watch the debate tomorrow 9...right here on fox45....ox45 news at ten starts right after the debate 3& in... tomorrrw's...debate...// some... experts... will be... analyzing... the... body language... oo the... two contenders. ./ .../kathleen cairns has more on hho much influence body language ccn have on an electio: election: (professor wide)"were trying to llok at the whole picture" during the presidentiaa debate wednesdaa night, university of maryllnd professor karen bradley will watch in silence.
10:35 pm
(very wide)"he has a tendency movement analyst... n his heed - she studies the non vvrballd" lladers. (on obbma)"preeident obama does much more self reffrencing types of gestures tends to make more boundaries -3 gestures where he akes a boundary aroond himself" (cairns) while big movements mmke.. or break anneleccion... it can certainly carry pandidate is perreived.. it iifluenced oters in 1960 wwen they say the first televised pressdentialdebate... between kennedd and nixon. (veey wide) "it will be interesting in the debates to see..." bradley has this aavise for the candidates :(on romnee)"i
10:36 pm
would really ork with mitt romney on breathing.. and becoming more grounded in his body so he actually takes a stand and doess't do that shifting"(on obama)"i woull work itt barrack obama i wouud continue to work with hii oo taking a stance beiig more grounded more clear and more specific, he has a strange phrasing sometimes where he stops nd takks ssrange pauses.. " voters can perceive a politicians physical movements in a posstive.. or negative wayy.. depending on the viewpoint they ay already have on the cannidate. (professor)"so what areeyou going to hoose to act on.. how will you vote."in college park.. mdkc fox 45 &pnews at 10 the presidential debate is taking place tomorrow night in denver. polls show that the race between obamm and rrmney...could end in a tie. read about the possible fox-baltimore dot
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onnvote 2012 in the hot topics section at the top offthe screen 3
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3 (pilot:) i've got n unuuual the reason why passenger t ten loose... while a pne wws in ...and hhw this dog...uses its find tax dodgerr...after the break
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so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. american airlines is
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innpecting its planes this week after seats came loose.... during two recent fli. flights.(pilot:) i've got an unusual one for you. during climb out, ows- passengers psats rows 12 d, e, and f came loose out of the floor. in that eat seat that was sound from one of the
10:44 pm
tiies it happened.first, on saturday on flight from boston to miami.the second oneewas hurt.the ..on company says there coull be a posssble issue with a certain 117-1266the 757 fleet is the first one that american has this in juut the last couple weeks that this has begun. seeeral aircraftthas come bbcc problems."looseeseats... not the only issue the airline is facinn. american... fileedfor in november.../and... is... in... the middle of a contract... tug-of-war with its pilots. a....nation-wide recall fiih....//around ...300 ss..../- people... havv been sickened... by... salmonella... in... smokee salmon.../ it... orginated... from a dutch companyy...that sslls... only in the u-s ... to... cost-co..../costco... will reportedly deal with... all recalls ...invooving the fish..../.those infected... byy the bacttrii... can suffer vomiting and diarrrea. vitamin- d supplements may not reduce the amouut or severity
10:45 pm
of the commoo cold. tracked 3222 healthy adults for nearly two years.sooe received vitamin d supplements... others were givenna placebo.there was no came to the duration ann 28-42"a lottof thh vitamin d that we produce is related to sun exposure. and foo people who never get n the sun, are &paaing where bone loss is kind probably should have ii - evallated and determine if they need vitamin d supplementa" supplementationn"fuuther research is needed to determine if a certain dosingg regimen works best. itaaian... authorities... are... using labradors... to... sniff out... tax dodgers...//. a... two--ear-old lab... trrined... to... sniff out... large quantities dollars, pounds, .../ - and ...rubles at naples airporr...////. down... on... tax evaders...//. a... tradition... depriving... the... italian... government... of... aboutt.. 350--billion dollars... a year...///. on... this day... stella...
10:46 pm
pidn't... sniff out... anything... strrnge.../// among those... deearting and arrivinga& / / "how much?" "howwmuch? fifteen." 3 stella... finds... a ssash of cash...// she... gets tooplay ...with... a... simple ..// tax man's... best .. friend..../// 3 te a nail-biting situation at the highlights from thhir game... ... and what's happeninn with &pthh yankees on paying for prescriptions can be costly during these tough times... but we may have a solution for you... we'll... tell you what it is... next
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aúkw@ anncr: more anti-maryland ads.
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from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours
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accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. day of the regular season still mathematicallyalive in league east...ttnight,a tuff, gritty victory ovet a determined opponent in the tampa bay rays.. &prays.. p3 veteran james shields was in the groove tonight....istorical ly so...he struck out 15, a hh gets chris
10:51 pm
davis..remember that name.. miguel gonzales was throwing pretty well, too....e ssrukc out 7 in 6 and a getting ben zobrist..amd more zero runs....and kept the birds in the game......toppof the 44h, and this is just about the omnny mistake shiields made alllnnght, and davis remember him? makes him pay...a massive shot to deed center, n estimated 440 feet...ann the birds lead it 1-0......and then set he stage for jim joonson, ho gets evan llngoria to grrond out to manny achado...the 51st save for johnsonnhassthe orioles win 1-0behhnd davis' massive blast off the dominating mister shhelds... 3
10:52 pm
thii is where it stands as of right now...the yankees are innings so temporarill,they maintain a half game lead over the o' the wildcard, the a's and texas are just so the oriooes have a n ttee2nd that race..and that's where t stands, up to the minute much more from tampa...and ww'll hear from theeravens, too....ports unlimited continues at 11:30 prescription drugs.... can cost... a...lot of . to skip filliig ppescriptions... take expiied drugs......or skippdoses. doses.tom rodgers ... consumer reports ...has advice... to... help you... saae money .... safely. safely. p(tom on cam))nnarly half of all adult americans take prescriptionnmedication regularly. (sot: pharmacist) "can you vvrify your address for me?" (v/o)but for common ailments likk allergies... (natsott sneezz)... acid reflux a r aahes and pains,
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10:55 pm
up... foo... &ca/ next month... dollar fee... - if... fliers... need to check bags... at... the ggte...//.the... &pp airline sayys.. theefee.. is... intentionally high...// to... discourage fliers... whh waitt.. until... the llst minute...////spirit... charges... forrall bags.../ that... do nnt fit... underneatt a seaa....//fliers... checking bags... in advaace.... will... pay... as 20-dollars a bag. ...and oming up in ust 5 pinutes on the late eddtion... por young parents. why there's expected to be a worldwide diaper shortagg. 3 and an amazing story of hit by a car raveling 50 miles an hour lived to bark
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
real.. it almost ffoled uu. in your inbox... tomorrow on ffx45 mooning news. &p if... you're...
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a dog ownee..../ you... know... how... difficult... it can be... to... leave them... behiid.... when... you travel...//. travel...//. put fearrno more a buuiness in new york is now offering a hotellservice for dogs.and it's so luxurious... it may have you thinking twiceeabout áyourá vac. dogs stay in suitts... this!!- feaauring plush beds and flat screen t-vs.they can be manires... or work off treats at the hotel's fitness center. brrwn says: úúwhen a doggie is can be a little parents, it - nerve-wracking, so to be with a ton of dogs all day is
10:59 pm
prettyystressful sometimes. ss what we do is, they plly all get theirrown suites at nighh - to just relax and ccill out. if that's not enough... dogs ccef. et their own personal 3 welcome to the late edition, i'm jeff barndd barnd. witt one ssing of the bat, baltimoreecould be back ii this very moment, the yankees and the red soo are tied in extra innings. if the red sox can topple the brrnx bombers baltimore first place with one game to &pgo. let's go to sports director bruce cunningham to see what's happening now. of thhs very minute, tampa bay startee james shields struck out a cllb record 15 orioles tonight, buu

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